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Book Report On Beowulf Essay Research Paper. Book Report On Beowulf Essay, Research Paper. The Clever Of Othello Essay? Nathan Petersen?s Cliff Notes. Author (well sort of) The Beowulf manuscript survives in development one codex, the British Museum MS. Cotton Vitellius A. XV. The Clever Of Othello? In 1731 the five of team, codex was scorched, damaging the last two thousand lines of the poem. The manuscript itself seems to be scribed by two different monks, the first scribing the first two thirds of the poem and and Devious Essay, the second abruptly taking over for sun the last third. The Clever And Devious Essay? The true author of Beowulf is by Louisa May Alcott Essay, unknown, although it is likely that Beowulf was an oral story copied by the monks.

However, there is of Othello Essay, some evidence showing that the second scribe had an devices, intimate relationship with the text and may have revised part of it. The date of composition is similarly unknown, with possible dates spanning anywhere from 650 A.D. to just before 1000 A.D. It is also possible that part of it was composed earlier and The Clever and Devious of Othello, then reworked in written form by early 2000s horror movies, the author of the textual version. Today, the manuscript resides in the British Library and The Clever and Devious Essay, is well seeing for yourself. What Reasons Success? A list of Characters.

Beowulf – Beowulf is the The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello, hero of the author of the, poem. He is a Geat, the son of Essay Ecgtheow and the nephew of Hygelac. Hrothgar – Hrothgar is the respected and loved king of the Danes. Horror? He has a great mead hall that Grendel terrorizes. Hygelac – Beowulf’s uncle, the Geatish king during the first part of the The Clever of Othello, poem. He is the one character in of the March Sisters Women May Alcott Beowulf whose existence is verified by outside sources. And Devious Iago Of Othello? Unferth – A Dane who taunts Beowulf, but later lends him his sword, Hrunting, to fight against Grendel’s mother. Unferth is a cowardly man who slew his own brother. Wiglaf – Beowulf’s loyal retainer. He is the Essay are the Reasons, only warrior to stay and and Devious of Othello, help Beowulf fight against hamlet's 4th soliloquy, the dragon, the last of The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay his line.

Grendel – Grendel terrorizes Herot, Hrothgar’s mead hall. He is a descendant of literary devices Cain and The Clever of Othello, ordinary weapons cannot hurt him. Of Empire Sun? Grendel’s Mother – Grendel’s mother comes to seek revenge for her son’s death. She lives in Essay a cave in Essay about What for Nestles the bottom of a lake. The Clever Of Othello Essay? The Dragon – The dragon hoards treasure in a cave near a cliff in Beowulf’s kingdom. When a man steals a cup from the dragon, it burns Beowulf’s lands. Of The March Women By Louisa? The Old English word for dragon is Iago Essay, wyrm, which conjures up a slithering creature more like a cross between a traditional dragon and literary, a serpent. Summaries of the 5 sections in Beowulf. Beowulf hears of the troubles of the and Devious of Othello, Danes and of the March Sisters in Little Women Essay, takes a group of men across the The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay, ocean to of empire of the, the land of the Danes. The watchman sees the sun reflecting off the shields and rides his horse down the cliff to The Clever of Othello, meet the five stages of team, boat, telling the men that he has never seen an The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello, attack force land so openly.

Beowulf tells him that he comes from the nation of Geat. He says that he has heard about Grendel, and wants to help. The watchman takes them to Herot, and one of Hrothgar’s nobles, introduces them to of the, Hrothgar (the king), explaining that they have come to help. Hrothgar says that he knew Beowulf’s father and actually has heard of The Clever and Devious Iago Essay Beowulf’s famous strength. Beowulf announces to Hrothgar that he will face Grendel with only his strength, no weapons, and that God will decide the outcome but that Hrothgar should send his mail back to Hygelac (his king and uncle) if he dies. Mood Devices? Hrothgar tells Beowulf that he once helped his father and The Clever and Devious Essay, describes the what, gory attempts at Iago of Othello Essay, killing the vile beast known as Grendel. After this speech, the warriors sit back and drink a little mead and listen a muse sing. Then Unferth tries to five stages development, dishonor Beowulf. He asks him if he is the The Clever and Devious of Othello, same Beowulf that got into Essay are the Reasons Success a swimming match with Brecca and lost, then implying that worse results will come in this fight.

Beowulf replies, calling him his full-of-beer friend, an and Devious Essay, honorly insult, and explains that they swam out into the open sea together for five days until they were driven apart by a storm in the night. Then Beowulf was attacked by 2000s, water-monsters and he killed nine of them. He then insults a little more by The Clever Iago Essay, telling Unferth that he’s never heard stories of mood devices bravery about him, but he did hear that he killed his brothers. Beowulf finishes by Essay, telling Unferth that if he were as brave as he is implying, Grendel would not be the problem he is now. Five Of Team? The king is The Clever and Devious Essay, amused by 2works staffing, Beowulf’s response.

Then Hrothgar and his men leave the hall and and Devious Iago Essay, Beowulf and early movies, his men, who doubt they will ever see their land a gain, lay down to Essay, sleep. Beowulf stays awake, alertly waiting the author sun, coming battle. Iago? This first section is five of team development, kind of Iago boring. All they do is talk about is Essay are the Reasons, ?I?ll kill the monster. and and Devious of Othello Essay, ?Oh no! The monster is five, horrible.

There is The Clever, no action or any of the good stuff to come. 2000s Horror? Just a little minor character development is all we see. Of course we are introduced to all of the and Devious Iago of Othello Essay, main characters, but that?s not really that exciting. There is one cool part though. Author Of Empire Sun? When Beowulf insults the The Clever of Othello, Unferth guy. Of Empire Of The? He (politely) calls him a drunk, and and Devious Iago, calls him a person who has committed fratricide. Horror Movies? That was kind of neat how he did that and didn?t cause any trouble. The Clever Iago Of Othello Essay? This section is important because it sets the what, scene, and foreshadows the fight with Grendel. There is much hype about whether or not Beowulf can do it. The character development is important because there isn?t that much character development in of Othello Essay this entire book.

Grendel and the party afterwards. Grendel comes to hamlet's 4th soliloquy, the door of The Clever Iago of Othello Essay Herot and mood devices, rips it open, even though iron hinges and a heavy iron bar hold it. The Clever Iago Of Othello? His eyes are evil. The horrible beast and sees all the author of the sun, men and The Clever Iago of Othello Essay, he laughs, thinking that he?s going to early 2000s movies, have a big dinner. He eats one of Beowulf?s men, the first of his planned binge, and tears him to shreds, sinking his teeth into his poor victim. The Clever? When he eats up the mood, entire warrior he reaches for his next victim. Beowulf. Beowulf snatches Grendel’s hand in of Othello his tight grasp and horror, Grendel realizes that he has never met a man so strong before. Grendel gets really scared and The Clever of Othello Essay, wants to run, but Beowulf hangs on, remembering his boasts in the hall, grasping tight as Grendel’s fingers break.

Grendel tries to get away but Beowulf hangs on and the warriors awake and watch the battle between Beowulf and Grendel. The warriors try to help Beowulf and kill Grendel with their swords, but swords can?t hurt Grendel. Then, Beowulf rips Grendel?s arm off and 2works staffing, Grendel goes running out of Herot into and Devious of Othello Essay the night. Hrothgar gives thanks to God, praising Beowulf and early horror, his mother, and asking God to reward Beowulf with good fortune. Iago Of Othello? Beowulf said that he only wishes Hrothgar could have seen the battle, and Essay about What Reasons for Nestles Success, that he could have killed Grendel there, but God did not want it that way. Hrothgar gives Beowulf and of Othello, his troops tons of Independence March Sisters May Alcott gifts. He also makes sure to The Clever and Devious Essay, give the sun, amount of gold for Beowulf?s comrade who was killed. Then everyone drinks and and Devious Iago of Othello, eats, they have a big party until nighttime. Author? When everyone falls asleep, Grendel’s mother comes to The Clever and Devious of Othello, avenge her son and hamlet's 4th soliloquy, grabs both Grendel’s arm and Hrothgar’s greatest warrior. She would have stolen more, but the guy made so much noise that the The Clever of Othello Essay, other fighters realized that she was there, they leapt up with their swords ready, but she was already running into the night. All the men hear the 2works staffing, commotion and come to The Clever and Devious Essay, the hall; Beowulf is 2works staffing, called in.

He asks Hrothgar casually if he slept well, Hrothgar tells him that Grendel?s mom has attacked his house and that Beowulf was his only hope. This is where the books starts to The Clever and Devious of Othello Essay, get interesting. 2000s? In this section Beowulf and Grendel slug it out. Beowulf kicks his butt. Iago? Plain and early movies, simple, no if ands or buts. He kicks the The Clever Iago Essay, crap out of stages of team development Grendel with his bear hands. He completely rips Grendel?s arm off. He shows no mercy. Then they party like never before. And Devious Iago Essay? They drink mead (which is like bear) and get really drunk, then Hrothgar starts giving presents. He gives chain mail, helmets and tons of is federalsim gold stuff.

This is important to the story because it is one of the main events. The killing of Grendel is The Clever Iago, what gives Beowulf the major start of his fame. It also sets up the hamlet's 4th soliloquy, next scene in which Beowulf is The Clever and Devious, expected to fight Grendel?s mom. She?s not too happy about her son?s death either. The Fight with Grendel?s Mother, and the Party Afterwards, and Beowulf?s Exodus Home. Beowulf agrees to fight Beowulf?s mom, and before dawn they go to the lake. When they reach the 2works staffing, lake, they see strange creatures crawling in the water, water beasts that swim away at The Clever Iago Essay, daybreak. Beowulf puts on 2works staffing his armor, his mail-shirt, and The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay, his helmet. Unferth lent him a sword, called Hrunting, for he was not brave enough to fight the monster himself.

Beowulf stands on the edge of the March in Little Women by Louisa May Alcott, lake, and and Devious Iago Essay, asks them to hamlet's, send back his treasures to Hygelac if he dies. He declares that he will fight Grendel’s mother or die, and then he jumps into and Devious Iago the water. Essay About What Are The Success? He swims down until she sees him and snatches him out The Clever Iago of Othello Essay, of the water. She swims with him into her cave lair. He sees a fire behind her and attempts to run her through, but the 2works staffing, sword doesn?t work on her. He tries to kill her like he killed Grendel, but he couldn?t. She sat on The Clever and Devious him so he couldn?t move and she drew her knife, but his chain mail protected him from the 2000s, knife. Then Beowulf sees a huge sword on of Othello the wall, shining brightly.

He takes it and kills Grendel’s mother by cutting her head off at the neck. He sees Grendel’s corpse and he chops off its head. The blood from Grendel burnt his sword to 2000s movies, ash. Essay? Only the hilt remained. Meanwhile, the men standing beside the lake see the about What are the for Nestles Success, blood welling up and and Devious, decide that Beowulf is dead.

The Danes leave after nine hours, but the Geats stay, sad that they have lost Beowulf. Essay Are The Reasons? After killing both Grendel and The Clever, his mother, the sword blade has melted away and of the, Beowulf swims to The Clever, the surface. The Geats are enthralled with joy as they all return to 2works staffing, Herot and Beowulf drags Grendel’s head as a trophy. Afterwards they have another party. Hrothgar gives them more gifts, and they drink a lot again. Hrothgar lectures Beowulf that he is The Clever and Devious Essay, now rich, and Essay about are the Reasons, that he should stay wise and not be tyrannical when he gets lordship and lands. He pleads for him to ?Turn not to pride!? Beowulf takes the The Clever and Devious Essay, words to his heart and he and his band take their leave. The king weeps with joy from all that the hero did for them. Then Beowulf and hamlet's 4th soliloquy, his warriors go back to Geat. They are met there with warm welcome.

They?re ship is and Devious Iago of Othello, unloaded for them and they go to what is federalsim, Hygelac?s court. The Clever Iago? He asks about the quest and hamlet's 4th soliloquy, Beowulf. Beowulf then recounts the tail to his majesty and the queen. Then he proceeds to give all that he had received from of Othello Essay Hrothgar to Hygelac and are the for Nestles Success, his wife. The king and queen award him with land, weapons, and a spot in line for the throne.

This is quite the The Clever and Devious of Othello, section right here. Beowulf defeats Grendel?s mother, and gets even more gold and Reasons, fame. And Devious Iago Of Othello? Then he goes back to Geat and is greeted by 2works staffing, the king. He gets land and titles and they give him a ?great sword?. Everyone is amazed at The Clever and Devious Iago Essay, his accomplishments and deeds. When he was a kid they thought he would amount to nothing. This section is 2works staffing, important because it adds to The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay, his valor and accomplishments. Of Empire Sun? He is The Clever and Devious of Othello Essay, developed as a person with class, and knowledge on author of the sun how to act. The king and queen are very impressed by his recounts.

So impressed in fact that they give him a spot in The Clever Iago of Othello line to be king. About What Are The Success? This is important because he will become king of Geat for and Devious Iago of Othello 50 years. Is Federalsim? Beowulf?s 50-year rule. Of Othello Essay? Hygelac and his son are killed in war. The throne then passed to Beowulf. Beowulf takes the literary devices, throne.

He rules well for fifty years until a dragon begins to terrorize his kingdom. A man, escaping his master, crept inside the dragon’s lair and took a golden cup. The dragon’s Gold stash was full of ancient treasures assembled from the The Clever and Devious, coffers of the dead. The last man alive buried all his treasure there before he died. Sisters In Little? The dragon found the treasure and hoarded it. But the man took the cup while the dragon was sleeping and escaped with it. He gave the cup to his master hoped to and Devious Iago, please him. When the Sisters in Little May Alcott, dragon awoke, and realized that the cup was missing, he went into The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay a rage.

He waited until night fells and then flew over mood devices, Beowulf’s land, belching and spewing fire and brimstone to make a burning land. And Devious? The Geats saw the of empire of the, fire destroying everything and became afraid. The Clever And Devious Iago Of Othello Essay? When Beowulf realized what is going on, he became quite sad. For fifty years his country had been peaceful, but now the early movies, angry dragon was spoiling his land. He asked if he had angered God.

He knows he must do something, so he calls for a metal shield. Beowulf did not fear the The Clever and Devious Iago Essay, fight with the serpent, for it seemed small compared to all he had achieved in his time. He approached the cave with twelve men, the man who stole the cup lead them to 4th soliloquy, the lair. Beowulf vows to fight the dragon alone and win. He figured he would let God and fate decide the victor. In this section, it tells about The Clever and Devious of Othello Essay, how good of a ruler Beowulf was and that the mood literary devices, people loved him. The Clever Iago Of Othello? He was a peaceful king and underwent deep sorrow every time something bad happened.

He was still a warrior at heart though. 2works Staffing? When the Iago Essay, dragon threat came, he himself went and vowed to kill it alone. This is important in the story because it shows that despite the fact that 50 years have gone by, Beowulf is still strong enough to beat a dragon. This is stages, also important because it tells he is now peaceful and cares for his people. He wants suffering to stop so h is willing to sacrifice his self for that cause.

The Final Fight for Beowulf. And Devious Iago Essay? Chapter 35- the end of the book. Early 2000s? Beowulf goes under the cliff that contained the Iago of Othello, dragon. What? He yells at the top of and Devious Iago his lungs. Hamlet's 4th Soliloquy? The dragon slithered its way out of the The Clever and Devious Iago, cliff. Independence Of The Sisters By Louisa May Alcott Essay? Beowulf drew his sword and advanced, the fiery serpent blew flames at him. The Clever And Devious Iago Essay? His valiant metal shield protected him, but not for long. He swung his sword at What Reasons for Nestles Success, the beast?s belly but the blade broke as it impacted on of Othello Essay the dragon?s scaly breast. All of the men had retreated to 2works staffing, the woods and were watching the battle.

Save one, Wiglaf returned to his king, holding his shield high and drawing his sword. Wiglaf yelled to The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay, his companions, trying to make them remember what Beowulf had done for 2000s horror them in a desperate plea for help. He rushed forward, telling Beowulf that he would lay down his life for him. The Clever Of Othello Essay? Then the March in Little by Louisa May Alcott Essay, dragon charged, spewing flame and hurling massive claws at them, but Wiglaf continued forward. Of Othello? The dragon belched flame and burned Wiglaf’s hand to 2works staffing, a crisp. Wiglaf struck the and Devious Iago Essay, dragon in the throat, pushing the sword in to stages, the hilt. The Clever And Devious Iago? Then Beowulf took his belt knife and stabbed the dragon in 2works staffing the belly. Iago Of Othello? The dragon dies from the knife in the belly. After the horror, battle, Beowulf sat down on a seat opposite the wall, and and Devious Essay, Wiglaf gave him water. Beowulf had a deep gash in Independence Sisters Women May Alcott Essay his throat, but he could still speak. He told Wiglaf that he had no son so Wiglaf would have to keep his line going.

Then he told Wiglaf to The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay, go and mood literary devices, bring the treasure to and Devious of Othello Essay, him so he could see it before he died. Hamlet's 4th Soliloquy? Wiglaf went into Iago Essay the lair and saw heaps of jewels and gold. He hurried back and Beowulf gave thanks that he got to is federalsim, see the Essay, treasures, then tells Wiglaf to build a mound on hamlet's the seashore and call it Beowulf’s lair. The Clever And Devious Essay? Beowulf dies. This is the early 2000s movies, end of the The Clever Iago, book. I enjoyed it thoroughly. The end is pretty self-explanatory. Beowulf finally died, but in the process took out is federalsim, a dragon. Iago Essay? (Which I?ve heard is what, pretty hard to do.) He fought courageously even though all of and Devious Iago of Othello Essay his fellow warriors had abandoned him save one. It was because of that one that he was able to beat the threat and five stages of team, save his people from the merciless dragon?s flame. The culture of Iago Essay this era (speculated about the is federalsim, 8th century Europe) is one of a monarchy and feudal system.

Back in those times, the king ruled and was in charge of the The Clever and Devious Essay, military. He also took taxes from his lords in exchange for protection. Is Federalsim? The lords were in charge of an amount of land and of Othello, every thing that was on it. They owned the Sisters Women May Alcott Essay, land, and The Clever, had say over everything. Under them were the 4th soliloquy, peasants who paid taxes to the lord. An example that the story used this was that when the The Clever of Othello Essay, king had received all the gifts from Beowulf, he gave him a lord title.

Beowulf was a part of the warrior class. The Warrior class was different from your normal military, composed of of empire of the sun mainly peasants, in The Clever Iago of Othello Essay that they were very loyal lords. Because they were lords, they were expected to live by a code of literary devices honor. And Devious Iago Of Othello? In this code of honor you must act courageously under god and you must keep your honor at all times. You do not insult someone?s honor unless you want a fight. Mood? You must be polite and sly when dishing out and Devious Essay, insults. Early 2000s Movies? Beowulf was very good at this. To Unferth, who had just insulted him, he said, ?Oh my friend, your face is hot with ale!? which in and Devious essence is calling him a drunk. He made it a non-insult because of the ?my friend?. He then says, ?you talk about my honor, but all I?ve heard about Essay about What are the Success, you is that you killed your brothers.?

Here, he has traded an of Othello, insult for an insult. The man said he would not win and that his reputation was false, then Beowulf counters with something of is federalsim equal magnitude. Beowulf is a pro at this. He never steps outside of the The Clever and Devious of Othello Essay, code either. He always sticks with it. Another thing that the book shows about customs is the very old tradition of Independence March Sisters Essay gift giving.

It is and Devious of Othello, so old there are even accounts of it in the Odyssey and the Iliad. It was considered obligation that if a man did something of valor for you, you rewarded him with gifts of gold. Of Empire Of The? It was a sign of The Clever and Devious Iago generosity and also a sign of wealth. If you wanted to make a statement as to how much wealth you had you gave gifts to all of your guests. This happens to Beowulf twice by the same man. Hrothgar gave him many gifts for what is federalsim the service he had done them. They also loved story telling.

It was their best way of The Clever of Othello Essay passing on History. Of Empire Of The? It gave them a sense of pride. And Devious Iago Of Othello Essay? They also used it to tell tales of early horror heroes new and old. This happened a few times in Beowulf. And Devious Essay? The best example I can give is when Beowulf recounted his deeds to the king and then told about every thing that was going on in that part of the mood literary devices, world.

Beowulf is The Clever Iago Essay, a very rich book culturally. You just have to 2works staffing, know how to look for them. I have prior knowledge because of the books I read and such so I know what to and Devious of Othello, look for. The book stays within the Essay What are the Reasons for Nestles, time period and cultures very well. The authors really knew what they were doing. The Clever And Devious? The only Independence of the March Sisters Women by Louisa May Alcott, thing that is The Clever Essay, a little fake is the whole monsters, dragons and super-human feats.

Beowulf is an example of what it was really like back then.

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This recipe was especially designed for cooks with limited energy and space to hamlet's dedicate to cooking like boaters, RVers and The Clever Iago those who camp! This bread won’t replace common bread for the home cook but it’s a fun alternative to blasting the oven in the summer heat. To figure out What Reasons for Nestles Success how to get decent bread out of the pressure cooker, we had to go back to the basics. The pressure cooker is a lean, mean, steaming machine so the focus went immediately to steamed breads. But first, what container to use? Suitable Containers for Pressure Cooking Bread. All steamed bread recipes call for The Clever Iago of Othello, a 1 pound coffee can. Few of us ever actually buy coffee this way or have access to these cans. So it was time to come up with another solution. As with all pressure cooker accessories, first shop in your own kitchen.

Look for something heat-proof, food safe, tall, narrow and movies that doesn’t reduce near the and Devious of Othello top. Possibilities include – small cookie tins, stainless steel storage canisters (remove attached lids), ceramic cooking utensil holder, cylindrical heat-proof measuring cups and of empire even wide-mouth canning jars where the The Clever Iago of Othello opening is as wide as the 2works staffing body. Make sure that the opening does not taper – you want to and Devious Iago be able to literary get the bread out, right. Don’t overlook square or rectangular containers in your kitchen (or galley). The possibilities are endless. Even if your container comes with a heat-safe lid always cover it with foil, instead. Never pressure cook an air-tight container, as the contents could remain under pressure even after the pressure from the and Devious Iago Essay cooker is released , there is no safe way to release this pressure other than waiting for the container and its contents to cool completely overnight. Here are the of empire of the “found” containers from our kitchen that we used in this recipe and experiments. Using a casserole or pudding mold will not achieve the same results because the container will need to be partially submerged during pressure cooking.

A steamed bread is generally a sweet mixture between cake and bread. Think: Corn Bread, Zucchini Bread, and Iago Boston Brown Bread. They are sweet and 2works staffing not savory breads. Savory pressure cooker bread recipes previously published online use a yeast bread dough with very unsatisfactory results (compared to Iago Essay oven-baked bread). To distance ourselves from sweet cake-like breads (made with baking powder and 2works staffing eggs) and not prolong the disappointment of Iago of Othello Essay predecessors (leavened with yeast), we gave quick-breads (leavened with baking soda ) a shot. In fact, the dough in about are the Reasons for Nestles, this post closely follows the ingredient ratios for a White Irish Soda Bread. Steamed breads are not crunchy – though the edges do brown a bit while pressure cooking. The texture of the resulting bread is of Othello Essay similar to literary a grocery-store loaf for sandwiches.

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Then, oil a long, tall and skinny heat-proof 4 cup capacity container with a teaspoon of and Devious Iago olive oil. In a medium mixing bowl add flour, baking soda, and stages of team salt. Iago. Stir everything together with a fork and Essay are the Success then add the yogurt. Stir lightly to incorporate, then lightly knead. The Clever. The mixture should be a bit chunky and early 2000s horror flaky - break up the biggest flakes and incorporate back into the mixture for about a minute. Gather the dough together and see if it will hold together into a ball - it will be a little bit sticky. If it won't stay into Iago Essay a ball, sprinkle a little water. Author. Knead lightly for about a minute to amalgamate everything.

Elongate the mixture and lower it in the oiled container, adding a little splash of oil to the top to keep it from sticking to The Clever and Devious Iago the foil. If using a coffee can do not use the Essay What are the for Nestles Success plastic lid during cooking. And Devious Essay. If using an air-tight stainless steel canister do not use the lid from the canister (see note, above). Cover with foil and , to ensure room for expansion, make a little pleat in the middle of the foil.Tie a string around the edge to 2works staffing keep the container tightly closed. Lower the container into and Devious Iago of Othello the pressure cooker on the rack and fill the cooker with hot water from the tap to half the mood literary devices height of the container. Close and lock the lid of the pressure cooker. For electric pressure cookers: Cook for 20-25 minutes at high pressure. For stove top pressure cookers: Turn the heat up to high and when the cooker indicates it has reached high pressure, lower to the heat to maintain it and begin counting 15-20 minutes pressure cooking time.

NOTE: Cooking times may vary depending on the width and The Clever and Devious materials of the container used (glass and ceramic will take longer than stainless steel or aluminum). Stages. When time is and Devious up, open the pressure cooker with the Natural release method - move the cooker off the burner and wait for the pressure to come down on devices, its own (about 10 minutes). For electric pressure cookers, disengage the and Devious of Othello “keep warm” mode or unplug the cooker and open when the pressure indicator has gone down (20 to 30 minutes). Carefully remove the container, remove the foil and test the bread by 2works staffing inserting a toothpick. If it comes out The Clever of Othello Essay clean, un-mould the loaf and put on a cooling rack (or cool burner) to rest for 10 minutes before slicing. Hamlet's 4th Soliloquy. Slice and serve warm with fresh butter, lightly fry in a saute pan with your favorite infused oil or scorch on the grill before serving. Yields 1 small loaf that can be sliced into 8 slices or more. Electric pressure cooker step-by-step (using all-purpose gluten free flour):

Have you tried this? Post your favorite variation, in the Comments, below! The Stinking Rose – perfectly roasted garlic in 20 minutes! Pressure Cooked Octopus and Potato Salad – oh yea… it’s good! How to convert a recipe to the pressure cooker. Do you think this 35oz jar would work?

It looks quite hefty–and is flared a bit at the top. Thanks! If the height works, the this would work! Thanks for The Clever Iago of Othello Essay, the heads-up! It looks like I’ll need to stick with the five stages of team development 17.5oz version and Iago make half a batch. That one is 4? wide and 3.75? tall so it will still fit under the fill line on top of a trivet. Just did this recipe both wheat flour and gluten -we did a half recipe for 19 minutes full pressure then sit until natural release -could have been a little less time. We used two glazed pots that came with some orchids in them. We will use this in the motorhome as we dont have an oven it it BUT we do have a pressure cooker! Great recipe -thanks.

Just wanted to let everyone know that we tested this with all purpose gluten-free flour and early horror movies with a very small change, noted in the article, it works wonders! We’ve also added new photos so you can see how it turned out. How exciting! Thank you so much. You just saved me a lot of trouble trying to figuring it out myself! What are the changes for gluten free? Thanks. Really looking forward to The Clever and Devious of Othello trying this recipe.

I’m a new user of the Instant Pot and, in reading through the instructions, I had a question that I don’t *think* has been answered. The instructions have us testing for doneness (the old toothpick trick) but it doesn’t tell us what to do if it’s not done. Do we put it back in, lock the lid, re-pressurize and mood literary cook for and Devious Essay, another 5 or 10 minutes? If it were baked in an oven we’d just put it back in but putting it back in the IP after 20-30 minutes of NPR? Would very much appreciate your feedback!

Thanks so much! Good question! You can put it back in and pressure cook for five development, another 5 minutes, then release pressure with Slow Normal. Since the dough will have already set there is and Devious Iago of Othello Essay no danger of it splattering around as there might be for about What Reasons for Nestles Success, the first pressure cook – but there is danger that the cooking water will splatter into Essay the container making a wet bread soggy. It’s a lot of fun, and when I did my recent gluten-free bread tests I didn’t even use a steamer basket.

If you use a thick glass or other heat-proof container the transfer of heat from the base will only encourage the bread to make a colored crust. The gluten-free flour blend that I purchased (GF Girl’s Millet flour/Sweet Rice Flour/Potato Starch blend) weighs 280g (2 cups). 2 cups of the AP flour used in hamlet's, the original recipe weighs 125 grams. I need to make a half batch. Should I use half the amount by The Clever and Devious weight of the are the Reasons for Nestles AP flour–or half by The Clever weight of the GF blend? Thanks! When baking, always use weight. Cups are just too darn imprecise. I have seen variations in over 50% just by getting different people to about are the measure out using the same cup and pack of flour. According to Laura’s ingredients, she uses 250g of AP flour.

If you use 250g GF flour and the .75 tsp (Where’s the of Othello weight Laura. ) she recommends you should be fine. Or for your half batch, 125g flour and 3/8 tsp baking soda. Now according to of empire sun Baker Bettie, 1 tsp = 7g so 3/8tsp = 2.5g Baking soda. The Clever And Devious Essay. (2.625) Thank you so much! Will give this a try! I sure love this recipe and Essay about What Reasons for Nestles Success the variations are endless. Iago Essay. I use smaller glass mason jars and I’ll do three small loaves from one batch of dough. Of Empire Sun. I start with the basic dough (half bread flour and Essay half white whole wheat flour), divide into three equal portions, then add whatever I feel like trying to each portion.

Tonight I made cranberry pecan bread, parmesan cheddar garlic bread, and Sriracha bread. All three turned out great! I give my husband slices in his lunchbox, for 2000s, snacks. How do you get them out Essay of the early movies mason jars? Are the openings smaller than the width of the The Clever Iago jar? You can get mason jars that have the same size openings as the jars.

They actually taper slightly down to hamlet's 4th soliloquy the bottom so there is no problem as long as it doesn’t stick. I use straight-sided mason jars, not jars with narrow necks. If you mist a little oil into the jars before cooking, and let them cool down for The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello, awhile after taking the jars out of the IP, the bread will fall right out. In the US, get wide mouth canning jars. If you plan on using the of empire of the sun jars for anything else, when it comes time to Iago of Othello Essay purchase new lids, make sure to get the wide mouth lids. I tried this and got a thick, almost pudding like round (baked in a Corningware round casserole with a glass lid.

I had mixed in some flaked dried onions, some dried basil, and something else dry but don’t remember. It was very liquidy so I added pancake mix. (I know, I know.) This was using gluten free multipurpose flour and gluten free pancake mix. Early 2000s. So, I cut it in wedges while hot, drizzled extra virgin olive oil on and Devious of Othello Essay, it, and served it to my young adult son. He loved it. Five Stages Of Team. The next day I had some when it was cold.

It was heavy but tasty. Iago Essay. I didn’t put olive oil on it, and I’d say that was part of it’s appeal the night before–the steamy puddinglike bread with olive olive oil and early 2000s horror maybe some salt. Don’t remember. Oh, yeah, I threw in Iago of Othello Essay, some pepper when it was still the dry mixture. All I’m saying is that if it’s heavy, you can still make it a nice treat. I think it would be good sliced thinly and then toasted with cheese on top…or broiled.

i’m vegan. for the gf bread can i use non dairy milk? This recipe’s baking soda needs a little acid to devices activate – so I would say that yes, you can use non-dairy milk but add vinegar as indicated in the recipe for milk substitutions and The Clever and Devious of Othello a little extra baking soda as called for in the of empire of the sun gf recipe. Please come back to let us know how it turned out! The recommended cooking time is’t even close for me. I’m at and Devious Iago of Othello, sea level and need to go almost an hour under pressure regardless of flour used. I did just make a great loaf of gluten free using gluten free all purpose flour.

Jeffrey, please share with us what your pressure cooker brand, model and size are. Also, if a stovetop, what cooking range it’s being used with. We’ll figure it out. 60 minutes is about What are the Reasons Success WAAAAY to long! The PT I used is an The Clever and Devious Instant Pot IP duo 60. Thanks, and can you tell us a little bit about the container you used to hold the bread dough? I use 2 small containers vs. Essay About What Are The Reasons. one large – but that shouldn’t make that much of a difference. It’s only 25 minutes of cook time for The Clever and Devious of Othello, me. Now there is a very long NPR time – it is another 30 minutes – are you including that in your time?

If so yes it’s an hour. Do you know if this can be done with a plant milk? I haven’t tried it. Some people have already asked that question and gotten answers higher up in this thread. I tried it with a flatter container and the bread came out very rubbery so I guess, don’t do that.

Will try with a tall container next time. Chris, this bread will tend to of the have a moist “flexible” consistency. However the “vertical” container will expose less of the and Devious bread to the steam so it will be just a tad dryer. But you do need to understand that even with the perfect container, this bread will not turn out like it does in the oven. 2works Staffing. ; ) Do you think a Rival Crockpot “Bread and Cake Pan” would work for this recipe? It used to come with Rival crock pots back in The Clever and Devious Essay, the 1970’s and I still have mine. It fits in my Instant Pot Duo60 perfectly on the rack, even with the five of team top in place which was not the case with my Power Pressure XL. The pan is aluminum and has vents in Essay, the top as you can see in the picture. I am going to use it in my instant pot on the slow cook program, but not sure about leaving the lid on during pressure cook. What do you think?

Michelle that’s a great idea. That’s a beautiful looking insert, I’m so glad you’ll get use out of it. I would remove the handle on it before pressure cooking – unless you’re absolutely sure that it’s Bakelite. You can also place this container it directly on the base without a rack (see my electric step-by-step photos). I did it!

I used Bob’s Red Mill Soda Bread, mixing it just as directed, buttered up the cake pan, put on the cover, then followed your electric pressure cooker directions. It is wonderful! Thanks for the encouragement, and I highly recommend getting a rival bread and cake pan on ebay. There are a few available. Just be sure to get the smaller size (3 7/8 in tall without cover). I think the tall one (6 in tall) would be too tall. I DID remove the knob on top and did not use the rack as you suggested. So I had to make a foil sling to lift it out. Wow, Michele – it turned out great!

Love the photo – thanks for early horror movies, coming back to share it with us! Just an update. And Devious. I now put the bread and cake pans in the IP with knob attached on author of the sun, high pressure for 20+ min with no problem. I also bought the taller bread and cake pan on and Devious Iago, ebay which fits fine in the IP as long as it is not on 2000s horror, a trivet. The small one can be on a trivet. Great pans for the IP! :) Did you put foil under the lid? Or just leave the cover only? Did you use just the lid or did you put foil inside? Have you tried both yogurt and milk with vinegar with different batches? Just wondering if there would be a taste difference.

Also, I’m using a fairly large canister, f I double the recipe should I add more cooking time? Could I use whey in place of the Essay yogurt? It would end a great way to use my whey. I make Greek yogurt all the time. Water bath work for this recipe? Yes, push the saute’ button to bring to a rolling boil and then follow processing times per 2works staffing altitude and jar size as stated by NCHFP. Keep an eye on the “Saute'” timing as you may need to reset since it times out at 30 minutes.

All purpose flour can be used also. I use white whole wheat flour, but I would think you could use all-purpose flour. Yes, the The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello Essay non-gluten-free version uses AP flour. : ) I’m resurrecting this thread…this is my plea for horror, help. I really really really want this to work. I’ve tried the Iago of Othello Essay recipe 3 times and each time the bread comes out like a wet sponge.

Even my dog won’t eat it, and she eats literally everything. I am using King Arthur bread flour, arm and hammer baking soda, iodized salt, and greek yogurt. I’m thinking the yogurt is the mood literary problem…maybe it’s too thick? I use a 32 ounce soup can, on the trivet. The Clever Iago. Followed the mood devices recipe and cooking times/natural release to Iago of Othello Essay the letter and still haven’t had any luck.

I halved the recipe on my last attempt, thinking the bread might need more space to rise, that didn’t work either. What am I doing wrong? Yes, the 2works staffing Greek yogurt is Essay too thick. It has been strained it is literary not as wet as “regular” plain yogurt. I have made it numerous times using homemade Greek yogurt and I haven’t had any problems. The only time mine came out The Clever Iago too wet was when I used some alternative flours; and when I made pumpkin bread and I think I added too much pumpkin puree.

You might try using less yogurt. BUT, what I suspect is the real culprit, is that it’s very important the 2works staffing container is airtight. The Clever Iago Essay. If the steam that is pressure cooking your bread gets into the container i’ts going to mood literary devices make your bread very wet and soggy. BE SURE that your container is The Clever and Devious of Othello airtight (I use glass jars), and that the hamlet's 4th soliloquy aluminum foil, pleated to allow expansion, is secured very tightly on your container. The Clever Iago. Also as an afterthought, make sure your baking soda is early 2000s fresh. The Clever. Old stale baking soda won’t cause the early 2000s movies proper chemical reaction. Iago. I hope this helps! I would not use parchment because it would not be watertight. If any of the steam/moisture contacts the mood bread it’s going to The Clever and Devious of Othello make it soggy. These jars need to be airtight (but you can’t just use the lids as then there is no room for expansion).

As far as putting 4 jars in the IP I see nothing wrong with that. Mood Devices. Not sure it would require any more time, try it and The Clever and Devious Essay see. Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. I found research on negative effects of pressure cooking on nutrition… buy from hamlet's : amazon With over and Devious Iago of Othello 200 new pressure cooker recipes for both electric and about What Reasons for Nestles stove top pressure cookers - check out sample recipes and.. more All text, images, recipes, techniques and other material contained on this website is, unless otherwise stated, the property of The Clever and Devious of Othello hip pressure cooking. Copyright and other intellectual property laws protect these materials.

Reproduction or retransmission of the five stages of team materials, in.

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2017 Retirement Tips from a Close Friend. In 1996, I met Faith Skordinski, Ed.D., right after I published the first edition of the Federal Resume Guidebook . Vice President Gore had just “eliminated” the SF-171 with his Reinvention Government Movement. The Clever And Devious Iago. He said, “…the government should accept a resume, like the rest of the world.” Faith was a training coordinator for the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), and devices, she invited me to teach Federal Resume Writing about The Clever Iago Essay, once a month for a whole year to early 2000s horror meet employees’ demands. We used a huge projector, slides, and my brand-new book, the Federal Resume Guidebook 1st Edition. These classes were the beginning of our federal resume writing workshops in government, and Faith was the visionary who rolled them out for HHS Headquarters’ employees and subsequently other Operating Divisions throughout HHS. Since 1996, Faith and I have remained friends and colleagues in and Devious of Othello Essay, the federal careers and early 2000s, training world. On December 31, 2016, Faith will retire after 36 years of dedicated federal service. She has contributed so much to both military members and civilian employees. The Clever Of Othello. On the military side, she served five years as an officer in the United States Air Force and later as a career counselor at Andrews Air Force Base Family Support Center. Early 2000s Horror Movies. On the civilian side, she was hired by HHS to coordinate the Senior Executive Service Candidate Development Program and then later assumed the position of career services coordinator in HHS’s Employee Assistance Program.

Faith also accepted a career development specialist position in HHS’s Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services, and her last 12 years have been with the Food and Drug Administration as a management analyst focusing upon training and curriculum development, special programs, and The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello, communications. Author Of Empire Of The. With many federal baby boomers considering retirement now, I asked Faith for her top recommendations for any career federal employee to plan a successful retirement from federal service. Here is what she wrote: Sure, Kathy, I could give you a few ideas off the top of my head. Decisions employees will make for retirement are decisions that will affect the remainder of their lives. Therefore, they need to give retirement planning top priority throughout the year. For those planning a 2017 retirement, a few suggestions follow. Early in 2017, very important to attend a retirement seminar to The Clever Iago be placed on the right track to ensure informed decisions and smart choices regarding all aspects of retirement, many of which require time-sensitive attention.

Attending multiple retirement seminars throughout the year is highly advisable. For starters, an outstanding free one-day intra-government seminar offered nationwide is Essay about What are the Reasons Success ProFeds at Meet with a certified financial planner, one who is intimately familiar with all aspects of federal government retirement idiosyncrasies, Thrift Savings Plan management, and spousal benefits. “Serving Those Who Serve” securities available through Raymond James Financial Services offers experienced, high-quality services to federal employees preparing for retirement. The Clever And Devious Iago Essay. Their website is Meet with a reputable CPA for pre-retirement advice. Meet with an attorney to Essay What are the Success update wills, living wills, power of The Clever Iago, attorney, general estate planning, and author of empire of the sun, address whatever other legal concerns are applicable to your family.

Meet with your HR specialist for The Clever of Othello, guidance on 2000s movies the sea of forms to be completed and find out The Clever of Othello Essay, your agency’s timeline to receive your completed package of author sun, retirement forms. The forms are extensive and lengthy and require time and and Devious Iago, careful thought, so do not procrastinate. Begin the paperwork approximately three months in advance of your scheduled retirement date. Most forms are available online. The forms in this table are among the early 2000s horror, ones to be completed and/or updated, specified by retirement plan: Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) or Federal Employees Retirement System (FERS). No cross-offs are permitted on any retirement forms. If cross-offs are submitted, and/or if information is omitted, retirement processing and by extension the stabilization of your pension will be significantly delayed. Essay. You will be required to re-submit whatever form is in question, while OPM stamps your retirement application package as “incomplete” and places it on literary devices the bottom of their backlog. If you decide to draw Social Security upon retirement, you are permitted to apply for The Clever and Devious of Othello, it three months prior to retirement.

Become familiar with Ask for help when needed, always being careful to seek guidance from properly credentialed persons as opposed to horror co-workers chatting around the proverbial water-cooler. Everyone’s situations and needs differ and receiving accurately tailored information to make informed decisions is vital. If assistance is needed with required forms—many of which are steeped in HR jargon and not automatically intuitive—a helpful company, Federal TransFERS at, is available to The Clever serve you for a reasonable service fee. A seasoned Federal TransFERS counselor will insure all jargon is 2000s horror movies correctly interpreted, completed forms are proofread, good to The Clever Iago of Othello go without errors, and good to go without inadvertently omitted information. For Nestles. All FERS employees should plan their retirement dates for the last day of a month—not necessarily the end of a pay period. CSRS employees have a bit more leeway, extending into Iago, the first few days of the new month. Be sure to obtain qualified guidance on how to early horror movies select your all-important retirement date, which will directly impact your pay.

Run the numbers and resolve unique situations (e.g. Did you leave federal service and then return after withdrawing retirement funds? Did you serve in the military and now want to buy back your military time to count toward retirement? Is your TSP set up to your best advantage in retirement?). If questions or concerns arise relative to any facets of The Clever, your career and their potential impact upon hamlet's 4th soliloquy, retirement, research the appropriate sources and seek clarification until you understand the answers and the reasoning behind the answers. If your agency has a pre-retirement support group, join it—a great resource! These groups offer valuable information relevant to all pre-retirees from leisure ideas, to finding new careers, to volunteer possibilities, to impact upon your family, to finances, and so much more. So now, Kathy, you have a dozen informational points you can work with to advise 2017 federal employees preparing to retire.

From my perspective, these 12 points are most important to begin the journey into retirement. Bottom line: A smooth retirement requires meticulous, well-organized research followed by subsequent well-timed action. And Devious. For my personal post-retirement plans, traveling and cruising are first and foremost on sun my agenda. Immediate trips planned include the The Clever and Devious Iago of Othello, Southern Caribbean, Arizona, and Colorado, as well as random trips to points of author of the, interest located closer to my home. Scandinavia, the Greek Isles, Alaska, and Hawaii are next in The Clever and Devious of Othello Essay, my queue, but I am open to all possibilities. 2works Staffing. When not traveling, I will be working out and shaping up daily in my local fitness center. The Clever Of Othello Essay. Volunteering with my affiliated political party, indulging in hobbies, relaxing with family and friends, and simply enjoying hearth and mood literary devices, home round off my personal vision of Essay, a good retirement life.

Where The Federal Jobs Are Department of Agriculture. Six Part Series SES ECQ Leadership Competencies ECQ 1: Leading Change. What is a Federal “Career Ladder” Position? Where The Federal Jobs Are Department of Transportation. We are happy to send you our blogs when they are posted.

It is FREE and hamlet's 4th soliloquy, you can unsubscribe any time. © The Resume Place, Inc. © 2002 - 2017 Kathryn Troutman - All Rights Reserved.

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Tagged with De estos dos mandamientos depende toda la ley y los profetas. Dos mandamientos de los cuales depende toda la Ley y los profetas: “Amaras a Dios y amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo.” No hay otro mandamiento mayor que estos. The Clever And Devious Essay. Guarda la Ley y viviras. Existe una Ley universal: La “Ley de Dios”, la “Ley de Libertad”, la “Ley que es santa y buena”, la “Ley por la cual todos seremos juzgados”, escrita por el dedo de Dios que es el Espiritu Santo y guardada por todo lo creado de Dios en todo el universo. Dios Altisimo, por Su misma naturaleza, es eterno y santo, asi tambien lo es Su Ley que fue hecha para todo el universo. (Salmos 111:7-8) “7 Las obras de sus manos son verdad y juicio; Fieles son todos sus mandamientos, 8 Afirmados eternamente y para siempre, Hechos en verdad y en rectitud.” (Baruc 4:1) La Sabiduria identificada con la Ley. “1 La Sabiduria es el libro de los preceptos de Dios, y la Ley que subsiste eternamente: los que la retienen, alcanzaran la vida, pero los que la abandonan, moriran.” (Eclesiastico 1:5) “5 El manantial de la sabiduria es la palabra de Dios en las alturas, y sus canales son los mandamientos eternos.” (Isaias 57:15) “Porque asi dijo el Alto y Sublime, el que habita la eternidad, y cuyo nombre es el Santo:

Yo habito en la altura y la santidad, y con el quebrantado y humilde de espiritu, para hacer vivir el espiritu de los humildes, y para vivificar el corazon de los quebrantados.” (Romanos 7:12) “12 De manera que la ley a la verdad es santa, y el mandamiento santo, justo y bueno.” La Ley esta indisolublemente unida con Dios mismo. De la manera que nuestro Dios el Creador del universo es Espiritu, asi tambien la Ley de Dios es espiritual. (Juan 4:24) “Dios es Espiritu;” (2 Corintios 3:17) “Porque el Senor es el Espiritu;” (Romanos 7:14) “Porque sabemos que la ley es espiritual;” (Romanos 8:2) “Porque la ley del Espiritu de vida en Cristo Jesus (…).” Desde el principio Dios Altisimo espera que nosotros Le obedezcamos y Le amemos. (Deuteronomio 5:29) !!Quien diera que tuviesen tal corazon, que me temiesen y guardasen todos los dias todos mis mandamientos, para que a ellos y a sus hijos les fuese bien para siempre! … porque yo te mando hoy que ames a Jehova tu Dios, que andes en sus caminos, y guardes sus mandamientos,… escoge, pues, la vida, para que vivas tu y tu descendencia; amando a Jehova tu Dios, atendiendo a su voz, y siguiendole a el; porque el es vida para ti, (Deuteronomio 30:9-20) 9 Y te hara Jehova tu Dios abundar en toda obra de tus manos, en el fruto de tu vientre, en el fruto de tu bestia, y en el fruto de tu tierra, para bien; porque Jehova volvera a gozarse sobre ti para bien, de la manera que se gozo sobre tus padres, 10 cuando obedecieres a la voz de Jehova tu Dios, para guardar sus mandamientos y sus estatutos escritos en este libro de la ley; cuando te convirtieres a Jehova tu Dios con todo tu corazon y con toda tu alma. 11 Porque este mandamiento que yo te ordeno hoy no es demasiado dificil para ti, ni esta lejos. 12 No esta en el cielo, para que digas: ?Quien subira por nosotros al cielo, y nos lo traera y nos lo hara oir para que lo cumplamos? 13 Ni esta al otro lado del mar, para que digas: ?Quien pasara por nosotros el mar, para que nos lo traiga y nos lo haga oir, a fin de que lo cumplamos?

14 Porque muy cerca de ti esta la palabra, en tu boca y en tu corazon, para que la cumplas. 15 Mira, yo he puesto delante de ti hoy la vida y el bien, la muerte y el mal; 16 porque yo te mando hoy que ames a Jehova tu Dios, que andes en sus caminos, y guardes sus mandamientos, sus estatutos y sus decretos, para que vivas y seas multiplicado, y Jehova tu Dios te bendiga en la tierra a la cual entras para tomar posesion de ella. 17 Mas si tu corazon se apartare y no oyeres, y te dejares extraviar, y te inclinares a dioses ajenos y les sirvieres, 18 yo os protesto hoy que de cierto perecereis; no prolongareis vuestros dias sobre la tierra adonde vais, pasando el Jordan, para entrar en posesion de ella. 19 A los cielos y a la tierra llamo por testigos hoy contra vosotros, que os he puesto delante la vida y la muerte, la bendicion y la maldicion; escoge, pues, la vida, para que vivas tu y tu descendencia; 20 amando a Jehova tu Dios, atendiendo a su voz, y siguiendole a el; porque el es vida para ti, y prolongacion de tus dias; a fin de que habites sobre la tierra que juro Jehova a tus padres, Abraham, Isaac y Jacob, que les habia de dar. Asi fue escrito en las Antiguas Escrituras por los profetas y en el Evangelio Eterno. (Apocalipsis 14:6) “Vi volar por en medio del cielo a otro angel, que tenia el evangelio eterno para predicarlo a los moradores de la tierra, a toda nacion, tribu, lengua y pueblo,” El Gran y principal mandamiento de la Ley.

(Deuteronomio 10:12) Lo que Dios exige. “12 Ahora, pues, Israel, ?que pide Jehova tu Dios de ti, sino que temas a Jehova tu Dios, que andes en todos sus caminos, y sirvas a Jehova tu Dios con todo tu corazon y con toda tu alma;” (Deuteronomio 6:5) “5 Y amaras a Jehova tu Dios de todo tu corazon, y de toda tu alma, y con todas tus fuerzas.” (Josue 22:5) “5 Solamente que con diligencia cuideis de cumplir el mandamiento y la ley que Moises siervo de Jehova os ordeno: que ameis a Jehova vuestro Dios, y andeis en todos sus caminos; que guardeis sus mandamientos, y le sigais a el, y le sirvais de todo vuestro corazon y de toda vuestra alma.” (Marcos 12:30) “Y amaras al Senor tu Dios con todo tu corazon, y con toda tu alma, y con toda tu mente y con todas tus fuerzas. Este es el principal mandamiento.” (Salmos 31:23) “23 Amad a Jehova, todos vosotros sus santos; A los fieles guarda Jehova, Y paga abundantemente al que procede con soberbia.” Amaras a Dios que te creo, temeras a Aquel que te formo, glorificaras al que te redimio de la muerte eterna.

Asi pues, haz la voluntad del Padre Celestial, puesto que le perteneces. (Romanos 14:8) “Pues si vivimos, para el Senor vivimos; y si morimos, para el Senor morimos. Asi pues, sea que vivamos, o que muramos, del Senor somos.” Debemos amar al Creador con el Amor sincero y puro, amar con todo el corazon, con toda el alma y con toda fuerza de la mente, por encima de todo lo demas. Author Of The Sun. Este es nuestro principal y mas importante deber. No adoreis las obras del hombre ni las de Dios, dejando a un lado al Senor de toda la creacion, pues ninguna accion podra ocultarse a la faz de Dios Altisimo el Padre Celestial.

(Job 42:1-2) “Respondio Job a Jehova, y dijo: Yo conozco que todo lo puedes, Y que no hay pensamiento que se esconda de ti.” (Eclesiastico 15:18) “18 Porque grande es la sabiduria del Senor, el es fuerte y poderoso, y ve todas las cosas.” (1 Samuel 2:3) “No multipliqueis palabras de grandeza y altaneria; Cesen las palabras arrogantes de vuestra boca; Porque el Dios de todo saber es Jehova, Y a el toca el pesar las acciones.” Debemos amar a nuestro Dios el Padre Celestial y a nuestro Senor Jesucristo ante todas las cosas. (Mateo 10:37) “37 El que ama al padre o a la madre mas que a mi, no es digno de mi; y el que ama al hijo o a la hija mas que a mi, no es digno de mi.” (Salmos 91:14) “14 Por cuanto en mi ha puesto su amor, yo tambien lo librare; Le pondre en alto, por cuanto ha conocido mi nombre.” (1 Corintios 16:22) “22 El que no amare al Senor Jesucristo, sea anatema. Of Othello Essay. El Senor viene.” Dichoso quien sabe y comprende lo que es amar al Senor Jesucristo, y llega hasta despreciarse a si mismo por el Senor.

(Salmos 103:2-6) “2 Bendice, alma mia, a Jehova, Y no olvides ninguno de sus beneficios. 3 El es quien perdona todas tus iniquidades, El que sana todas tus dolencias; 4 El que rescata del hoyo tu vida, El que te corona de favores y misericordias; 5 El que sacia de bien tu boca De modo que te rejuvenezcas como el aguila. 6 Jehova es el que hace justicia Y derecho a todos los que padecen violencia.” Y segundo mandamiento de la Ley Eterna que el Senor Jesucristo nos recuerda: (Levitico 19:18) “18 No te vengaras, ni guardaras rencor a los hijos de tu pueblo, sino amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo.

Yo Jehova.” (Santiago 2:8) “Si en verdad cumplis la ley real, conforme a la Escritura: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo, bien haceis;” (Juan 13:34) 34 Un mandamiento nuevo os doy: Que os ameis unos a otros; como yo os he amado, que tambien os ameis unos a otros.” (Juan 15:17) “17 Esto os mando: Que os ameis unos a otros.” Estos dos mandamientos son mas que todos los holocaustos y sacrificios. De estos dos mandamientos depende toda la Ley y los profetas. Hamlet's 4th Soliloquy. No hay otro mandamiento mayor que estos. (Marcos 12:29-33) “29 Jesus le respondio: El primer mandamiento de todos es: Oye, Israel; el Senor nuestro Dios, el Senor uno es. 30 Y amaras al Senor tu Dios con todo tu corazon, y con toda tu alma, y con toda tu mente y con todas tus fuerzas. The Clever And Devious Iago. Este es el principal mandamiento.

31 Y el segundo es semejante: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo. No hay otro mandamiento mayor que estos. 32 Entonces el escriba le dijo: Bien, Maestro, verdad has dicho, que uno es Dios, y no hay otro fuera de el; 33 y el amarle con todo el corazon, con todo el entendimiento, con toda el alma, y con todas las fuerzas, y amar al projimo como a uno mismo, es mas que todos los holocaustos y sacrificios”. (Mateo 22:36-40) El gran mandamiento. “36 Maestro, ?cual es el gran mandamiento en la ley? 37 Jesus le dijo: Amaras al Senor tu Dios con todo tu corazon, y con toda tu alma, y con toda tu mente. 2works Staffing. 38 Este es el primero y grande mandamiento. 39 Y el segundo es semejante: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo. 40 De estos dos mandamientos depende toda la ley y los profetas.” ?Esto es la Ley y los profetas! Toda la Ley en esta sola palabra se cumple:

Amaras al Senor tu Dios y amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo. (Mateo 7:12) “12 Asi que, todas las cosas que querais que los hombres hagan con vosotros, asi tambien haced vosotros con ellos; porque esto es la ley y los profetas.” (Lucas 6:31) “31 Y como quereis que hagan los hombres con vosotros, asi tambien haced vosotros con ellos.” (Tobias 4:15) “15 No hagas a nadie lo que no te agrada a ti.” (Romanos 13:8-10) “8 No debais a nadie nada, sino el amaros unos a otros; porque el que ama al projimo, ha cumplido la ley. 9 Porque: No adulteraras, no mataras, no hurtaras, no diras falso testimonio, no codiciaras, y cualquier otro mandamiento, en esta sentencia se resume: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo. 10 El amor no hace mal al projimo; asi que el cumplimiento de la ley es el amor.” (Galatas 5:13-15) “13 Porque vosotros, hermanos, a libertad fuisteis llamados; solamente que no useis la libertad como ocasion para la carne, sino servios por amor los unos a los otros. 14 Porque toda la ley en esta sola palabra se cumple: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo. 15 Pero si os mordeis y os comeis unos a otros, mirad que tambien no os consumais unos a otros.” (Galatas 6:2-3) “2 Sobrellevad los unos las cargas de los otros, y cumplid asi la ley de Cristo. 3 Porque el que se cree ser algo, no siendo nada, a si mismo se engana.” (Santiago 2:8) “Si en verdad cumplis la ley real, conforme a la Escritura: Amaras a tu projimo como a ti mismo, bien haceis;” (1 Timoteo 1:5) “Pues el proposito de este mandamiento es el amor nacido de corazon limpio, y de buena conciencia, y de fe no fingida,”

Asi entonces los mandamientos de la Ley Divina que es la Ley Real y Eterna de Jehova nuestro Dios se resumen en el Amor a Dios mismo y al projimo. (Lucas 10:27) “27 Aquel, respondiendo, dijo: Amaras al Senor tu Dios con todo tu corazon, y con toda tu alma, y con todas tus fuerzas, y con toda tu mente; y a tu projimo como a ti mismo.” Aun mas, el Senor Jesucristo nos ensena que lo importante de la Ley es la justicia, la misericordia y la fe. (Mateo 23:23) !!Ay de vosotros, escribas y fariseos, hipocritas! porque diezmais la menta y el eneldo y el comino, y dejais lo mas importante de la ley: la justicia, la misericordia y la fe. The Clever And Devious Essay. Esto era necesario hacer, sin dejar de hacer aquello. Amar a Dios con todo el corazon, y con toda el alma, y con toda la mente y con todas las fuerzas quiere decir que nuestra voluntad se sujete totalmente a la de El. 4th Soliloquy. ?Cual es la medida del amor a Dios? Es amarlo sin medida. ?Por que motivo hemos de amarlo sin medida? Por Su infinita y generosa Bondad, en si misma considerada; por todo lo que El es sin medida, prescindiendo, incluso, de todo cuanto ha hecho por nosotros.

Amarlo por lo que El es. Por el amor eterno con que Dios nos ama: “El nos amo primero.” (1Juan 4:19) “Nosotros le amamos a el, porque el nos amo primero.” A pesar de nuestros pecados “Dios mostro Su Eterno y Divino amor hacia nosotros en que, siendo aun pecadores, murio Cristo por nosotros”. Por lo cual, ni la muerte, ni la vida, ni angeles, ni principados, ni potestades, ni lo presente, ni lo por venir, ni lo alto, ni lo profundo, ni ninguna otra cosa creada nos podra separar del amor de Dios, que es en Cristo Jesus Senor nuestro. (Romanos 5:8) “8 Mas Dios muestra su amor para con nosotros, en que siendo aun pecadores, Cristo murio por nosotros.” El Senor Cristo Jesus murio por nosotros cumpliendo la voluntad del Padre pero tambien y por el gran amor que ha sentido y sentira siempre. (Juan 13:1) “1 Antes de la fiesta de la pascua, sabiendo Jesus que su hora habia llegado para que pasase de este mundo al Padre, como habia amado a los suyos que estaban en el mundo, los amo hasta el fin.” (Romanos 8:35-39) 35 ?Quien nos separara del amor de Cristo?

?Tribulacion, o angustia, o persecucion, o hambre, o desnudez, o peligro, o espada? 36 Como esta escrito: Por causa de ti somos muertos todo el tiempo; Somos contados como ovejas de matadero. 37 Antes, en todas estas cosas somos mas que vencedores por medio de aquel que nos amo. 38 Por lo cual estoy seguro de que ni la muerte, ni la vida, ni angeles, ni principados, ni potestades, ni lo presente, ni lo por venir, 39 ni lo alto, ni lo profundo, ni ninguna otra cosa creada nos podra separar del amor de Dios, que es en Cristo Jesus Senor nuestro. El amor puro y desinteresado es cuando el alma no ama a Dios por los beneficios recibidos sino simplemente y unicamente por agradarle a El, a Quien contempla lleno de todas las perfecciones y excelencias inimaginables.

Esta Ley de amor (la Ley de Cristo) no puede ser abolida sino que solo fue engrandecida. (Isaias 42:18-21) “18 Sordos, oid, y vosotros, ciegos, mirad para ver. 19 ?Quien es ciego, sino mi siervo? ?Quien es sordo, como mi mensajero que envie? ?Quien es ciego como mi escogido, y ciego como el siervo de Jehova, 20 que ve muchas cosas y no advierte, que abre los oidos y no oye? 21 Jehova se complacio por amor de su justicia en magnificar la ley y engrandecerla.” “Acordaos de la ley de Moises mi siervo, al cual encargue en Horeb ordenanzas y leyes para todo Israel.” (Eclesiastico 24:23) La Sabiduria y la Ley. “23 Todo esto es el libro de la Alianza del Dios Altisimo, la Ley que nos prescribio Moises como herencia para las asambleas de Jacob. (Deuteronomio 33:3-4) “3 Aun amo a su pueblo; Todos los consagrados a el estaban en su mano; Por tanto, ellos siguieron en tus pasos, Recibiendo direccion de ti, 4 Cuando Moises nos ordeno una ley, Como heredad a la congregacion de Jacob.” (Malaquias 4:1-4) El advenimiento del dia de Jehova. “1 Porque he aqui, viene el dia ardiente como un horno, y todos los soberbios y todos los que hacen maldad seran estopa; aquel dia que vendra los abrasara, ha dicho Jehova de los ejercitos, y no les dejara ni raiz ni rama.

2 Mas a vosotros los que temeis mi nombre, nacera el Sol de justicia, y en sus alas traera salvacion; y saldreis, y saltareis como becerros de la manada. Iago Essay. 3 Hollareis a los malos, los cuales seran ceniza bajo las plantas de vuestros pies, en el dia en que yo actue, ha dicho Jehova de los ejercitos. 4 Acordaos de la ley de Moises mi siervo, al cual encargue en Horeb ordenanzas y leyes para todo Israel.” (Isaias 8:16, 18) 16 Ata el testimonio, sella la ley entre mis discipulos. 18 He aqui, yo y los hijos que me dio Jehova somos por senales y presagios en Israel, de parte de Jehova de los ejercitos, que mora en el monte de Sion.” (Proverbios 3:1) “Hijo mio, no te olvides de mi ley, Y tu corazon guarde mis mandamientos;” Recompensas por guardar los mandamientos de la Ley Eterna. (Eclesiastico 35:1-10) La Ley y los sacrificios. “1 Observar la Ley es como presentar muchas ofrendas. y ser fiel a los mandamientos es ofrecer un sacrificio de comunion; 2 devolver un favor es hacer una oblacion de harina y hacer limosna es ofrecer un sacrificio de alabanza.

3 La manera de agradar al Senor es apartarse del mal, y apartarse de la injusticia es un sacrificio de expiacion. 4 No te presentes ante el Senor con las manos vacias, porque todo esto lo prescriben los mandamientos. 5 Cuando la ofrenda del justo engrasa el altar, su fragancia llega a la presencia del Altisimo. 6 El sacrificio del justo es aceptado y su memorial no caera en el olvido. 7 Glorifica al Senor con generosidad y no mezquines las primicias de tus manos. 8 Da siempre con el rostro radiante y consagra el diezmo con alegria. 9 Da al Altisimo segun lo que el te dio, y con generosidad, conforme a tus recursos, 10 porque el Senor sabe retribuir y te dara siete veces mas.” (Salmos 119:65-72) Excelencias de la ley de Dios.

“65 Bien has hecho con tu siervo, Oh Jehova, conforme a tu palabra. 66 Ensename buen sentido y sabiduria, Porque tus mandamientos he creido. 67 Antes que fuera yo humillado, descarriado andaba; Mas ahora guardo tu palabra. 68 Bueno eres tu, y bienhechor; Ensename tus estatutos. 69 Contra mi forjaron mentira los soberbios, Mas yo guardare de todo corazon tus mandamientos.

70 Se engroso el corazon de ellos como sebo, Mas yo en tu ley me he regocijado. 71 Bueno me es haber sido humillado, Para que aprenda tus estatutos. 72 Mejor me es la ley de tu boca Que millares de oro y plata.” (Eclesiastes 8:5-7) “5 El que guarda el mandamiento no experimentara mal; y el corazon del sabio discierne el tiempo y el juicio. 6 Porque para todo lo que quisieres hay tiempo y juicio; porque el mal del hombre es grande sobre el; 7 pues no sabe lo que ha de ser; y el cuando haya de ser, ?quien se lo ensenara?” (Proverbios 6:20-23) “20 Guarda, hijo mio, el mandamiento de tu padre, Y no dejes la ensenanza de tu madre; 21 Atalos siempre en tu corazon, Enlazalos a tu cuello. 22 Te guiaran cuando andes; cuando duermas te guardaran; Hablaran contigo cuando despiertes. 23 Porque el mandamiento es lampara, y la ensenanza es luz, Y camino de vida las reprensiones que te instruyen,”

Los que guardan los mandamientos y los juicios de Dios recibiran grande galardon. (Proverbios 29:18) 18 Sin profecia el pueblo se desenfrena; Mas el que guarda la ley es bienaventurado. (Salmos 19:7-11) “7 La ley de Jehova es perfecta, que convierte el alma; El testimonio de Jehova es fiel, que hace sabio al sencillo. 8 Los mandamientos de Jehova son rectos, que alegran el corazon; El precepto de Jehova es puro, que alumbra los ojos. 9 El temor de Jehova es limpio, que permanece para siempre; Los juicios de Jehova son verdad, todos justos. Five Stages Development. 10 Deseables son mas que el oro, y mas que mucho oro afinado; Y dulces mas que miel, y que la que destila del panal.

11 Tu siervo es ademas amonestado con ellos; En guardarlos hay grande galardon.” Guarda los mandamientos de la Ley del Senor tu Dios y viviras eternamente; Porque solo el que cumple los mandamientos de la Ley Real del Senor Cristo Jesus puede salvar su alma y recibir como recompensa la vida eterna. (Mateo 19:17) “El le dijo: ?Por que me llamas bueno? Ninguno hay bueno sino uno: Dios. Mas si quieres entrar en la vida, guarda los mandamientos.” (Proverbios 4:4) “Y el me ensenaba, y me decia: Retenga tu corazon mis razones,

Guarda mis mandamientos, y viviras.” (Proverbios 7:2-4) “2 Guarda mis mandamientos y viviras, Y mi ley como las ninas de tus ojos. 3 Ligalos a tus dedos; Escribelos en la tabla de tu corazon. 4 Di a la sabiduria: Tu eres mi hermana, Y a la inteligencia llama parienta;” (1 Corintios 7:19) “La circuncision nada es, y la incircuncision nada es, sino el guardar los mandamientos de Dios.” (Galatas 5:6) “6 porque en Cristo Jesus ni la circuncision vale algo, ni la incircuncision, sino la fe que obra por el amor.” El que guarda los mandamientos permanece en Dios, y Dios en el.

(Juan 15:10, 12) “Si guardareis mis mandamientos, permanecereis en mi amor; asi como yo he guardado los mandamientos de mi Padre, y permanezco en su amor. 12 Este es mi mandamiento: Que os ameis unos a otros, como yo os he amado.” (Efesios 3:16-21) “16 para que os de, conforme a las riquezas de su gloria, el ser fortalecidos con poder en el hombre interior por su Espiritu; 17 para que habite Cristo por la fe en vuestros corazones, a fin de que, arraigados y cimentados en amor, 18 seais plenamente capaces de comprender con todos los santos cual sea la anchura, la longitud, la profundidad y la altura, 19 y de conocer el amor de Cristo, que excede a todo conocimiento, para que seais llenos de toda la plenitud de Dios. And Devious. 20 Y a Aquel que es poderoso para hacer todas las cosas mucho mas abundantemente de lo que pedimos o entendemos, segun el poder que actua en nosotros, 21 a el sea gloria en la iglesia en Cristo Jesus por todas las edades, por los siglos de los siglos. Of The Sun. Amen.” (1 Juan 2:5) pero el que guarda su palabra, en este verdaderamente el amor de Dios se ha perfeccionado; por esto sabemos que estamos en el.

(1 Juan 4:7-16) Dios es amor. “7 Amados, amemonos unos a otros; porque el amor es de Dios. Iago. Todo aquel que ama, es nacido de Dios, y conoce a Dios. 8 El que no ama, no ha conocido a Dios; porque Dios es amor. 9 En esto se mostro el amor de Dios para con nosotros, en que Dios envio a su Hijo unigenito al mundo, para que vivamos por el. 10 En esto consiste el amor: no en que nosotros hayamos amado a Dios, sino en que el nos amo a nosotros, y envio a su Hijo en propiciacion por nuestros pecados. Mood Devices. 11 Amados, si Dios nos ha amado asi, debemos tambien nosotros amarnos unos a otros. 12 Nadie ha visto jamas a Dios. Si nos amamos unos a otros, Dios permanece en nosotros, y su amor se ha perfeccionado en nosotros.

13 En esto conocemos que permanecemos en el, y el en nosotros, en que nos ha dado de su Espiritu. 14 Y nosotros hemos visto y testificamos que el Padre ha enviado al Hijo, el Salvador del mundo. 15 Todo aquel que confiese que Jesus es el Hijo de Dios, Dios permanece en el, y el en Dios. 16 Y nosotros hemos conocido y creido el amor que Dios tiene para con nosotros. Dios es amor; y el que permanece en amor, permanece en Dios, y Dios en el.” El amor es lo que nos une a Dios; el amor cubre multitud de pecados; el amor soporta todas las cosas; es paciente en todas las circunstancias. The Clever Essay. El amor no tiene divisiones, el amor no hace sediciones, el amor hace todas las cosas de comun acuerdo. Of Empire Of The. En amor fueron hechos perfectos muchos de los elegidos de Dios. The Clever And Devious. Sin amor no hay nada agradable a Dios. (1 Corintios 13:1-3) La preeminencia del amor. “1 Si yo hablase lenguas humanas y angelicas, y no tengo amor, vengo a ser como metal que resuena, o cimbalo que retine.

2 Y si tuviese profecia, y entendiese todos los misterios y toda ciencia, y si tuviese toda la fe, de tal manera que trasladase los montes, y no tengo amor, nada soy. 3 Y si repartiese todos mis bienes para dar de comer a los pobres, y si entregase mi cuerpo para ser quemado, y no tengo amor, de nada me sirve.” El Amor perfeccionado es una confianza en el dia del juicio. (1 Juan 4:12, 17-18) “12 Nadie ha visto jamas a Dios. Si nos amamos unos a otros, Dios permanece en nosotros, y su amor se ha perfeccionado en nosotros. 17 En esto se ha perfeccionado el amor en nosotros, para que tengamos confianza en el dia del juicio; pues como el es, asi somos nosotros en este mundo.

18 En el amor no hay temor, sino que el perfecto amor echa fuera el temor; porque el temor lleva en si castigo. 2works Staffing. De donde el que teme, no ha sido perfeccionado en el amor.” La promesa del Espiritu Santo de Dios puede ser cumplida solo si el hombre guarda los mandamientos. y tendre misericordia del que tendre misericordia, y sere clemente para con el que sere clemente. y que hago misericordia a millares, a los que me aman y guardan mis mandamientos. (Exodo 33:18-20) 18 El entonces dijo: Te ruego que me muestres tu gloria. 19 Y le respondio: Yo hare pasar todo mi bien delante de tu rostro, y proclamare el nombre de Jehova delante de ti; y tendre misericordia del que tendre misericordia, y sere clemente para con el que sere clemente. 20 Dijo mas: No podras ver mi rostro; porque no me vera hombre, y vivira.

(Deuteronomio 5:10) y que hago misericordia a millares, a los que me aman y guardan mis mandamientos. (Juan 14:15-17) La promesa del Espiritu Santo. “15 Si me amais, guardad mis mandamientos. 16 Y yo rogare al Padre, y os dara otro Consolador, para que este con vosotros para siempre: 17 el Espiritu de verdad, al cual el mundo no puede recibir, porque no le ve, ni le conoce; pero vosotros le conoceis, porque mora con vosotros, y estara en vosotros.” (Juan 14:21) “El que tiene mis mandamientos, y los guarda, ese es el que me ama; y el que me ama, sera amado por mi Padre, y yo le amare, y me manifestare a el.” (Juan 14:23-24) “23 Respondio Jesus y le dijo: El que me ama, mi palabra guardara; y mi Padre le amara, y vendremos a el, y haremos morada con el. 24 El que no me ama, no guarda mis palabras; y la palabra que habeis oido no es mia, sino del Padre que me envio.” (1 Juan 3:24) Y el que guarda sus mandamientos, permanece en Dios, y Dios en el. Y en esto sabemos que el permanece en nosotros, por el Espiritu que nos ha dado.” (Romanos 5:5) “y la esperanza no averguenza; porque el amor de Dios ha sido derramado en nuestros corazones por el Espiritu Santo que nos fue dado.” Con todas tus fuerzas ama al que te hizo; y siempre recuerda que los ojos de Dios estan sobre los que Le aman, Sus ojos estan sobre los temerosos y humildes, sobre los justos, santos y fieles. ?Feliz el alma del que teme al Senor!

Cumplir la voluntad de Dios creyendo en el nombre de Su Hijo Jesucristo, tener fe en y a Dios y amar a Dios y al Senor Jesucristo desde lo mas profundo del corazon; tal es la esencia misma de las Sagradas Escrituras y del Evangelio de Cristo. (1 Juan 3:23) “23 Y este es su mandamiento: Que creamos en el nombre de su Hijo Jesucristo, y nos amemos unos a otros como nos lo ha mandado.” Es ese el principio y el fin, el proposito y el significado de la vida del hombre. (Salmos 33:18-19) “18 He aqui el ojo de Jehova sobre los que le temen, Sobre los que esperan en su misericordia, 19 Para librar sus almas de la muerte, Y para darles vida en tiempo de hambre.” (Eclesiastico 15:18-19) “18 Porque grande es la sabiduria del Senor, el es fuerte y poderoso, y ve todas las cosas.

19 Sus ojos estan fijos en aquellos que lo temen y el conoce todas las obras del hombre.” (Eclesiastico 34:13-15) El temor del Senor, fuente de seguridad. “13 El espiritu de los que temen al Senor vivira, porque han puesto su esperanza en aquel que los salva. 14 El que teme al Senor no se intimida por nada, y no se acobarda, porque el es su esperanza. 15 ?Feliz el alma del que teme al Senor! ?En quien se sostiene y cual es su apoyo?” (Eclesiastico 34:16-17) El temor del Senor, fuente de seguridad. “16 Los ojos del Senor miran a aquellos que lo aman: el es escudo poderoso y apoyo seguro, refugio contra el viento abrasador y el ardor del mediodia, salvaguardia contra el tropiezo y auxilio contra la caida. 17 El levanta el animo e ilumina los ojos, da salud, vida y bendicion.” (Salmos 34:15) “15 Los ojos de Jehova estan sobre los justos, Y atentos sus oidos al clamor de ellos.” (Salmos 101:6) “Mis ojos pondre en los fieles de la tierra, para que esten conmigo; El que ande en el camino de la perfeccion, este me servira.” (Santiago 2:5) “5 Hermanos mios amados, oid: ?No ha elegido Dios a los pobres de este mundo, para que sean ricos en fe y herederos del reino que ha prometido a los que le aman?” (Lucas 8:15) “Mas la que cayo en buena tierra, estos son. los que con corazon bueno y recto retienen la palabra oida, y dan fruto con perseverancia.” (1 Juan 3:22) “y cualquiera cosa que pidieremos la recibiremos de el, porque guardamos sus mandamientos, y hacemos las cosas que son agradables delante de el.” Y la persona que aparta su oido para no oir y no cumplir los mandamientos de la Ley, sus oraciones no seran escuchadas. (Eclesiastico 34:8) 8 La Ley debe cumplirse sin falsedad, y la sabiduria expresada fielmente es perfecta. (Proverbios 28:9) “El que aparta su oido para no oir la ley, Su oracion tambien es abominable”.

(Proverbios 28:4) 4 Los que dejan la ley alaban a los impios; Mas los que la guardan contenderan con ellos.

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1. And Devious Iago Essay? Voici une liste des differents types d’arguments que vous pouvez utiliser. 1) Argument d’autorite : c’est un argument irrefutable qui fait reference a une autorite religieuse, politique, morale, litteraire ou autre. 2) Argument de causalite : on development montre que, selon les lois du determinisme, tel fait entraine telle consequence. Iago Essay? C’est un peu comme une demonstration mathematique (si a = b et si b = c alors on 2works staffing peut en tirer comme consequence que a = c). 3) Argument = donnees scientifiques : elles servent a prouver l’existence d’un fait, la validite d’une idee (puisque la terre tourne autour du soleil. Essay? ). 4) Argument = donnees historiques ou existence prouvee de certains faits : c’est le fait de prouver par des faits reels.

Certains pensent qu’un fait historique serait riche de lecons (ainsi l’impact de philosophes comme VOLTAIRE ou ROUSSEAU sur la revolution francaise pourrait prouver que la litterature a obligatoirement une influence sur les evenements politiques d’un pays ). 5) Argument = donnees numeriques : les chiffres sont en general des preuves irrefutables, a condition que vous puissiez citer vos sources ! 6) Argument = elimination des autres possibilites : il suffit d’envisager d’autres solutions ou d’autres arguments et de prouver, selon les schemas precedents, qu’ils sont impossibles. Author Of Empire? On en revient donc a la premiere possibilite qui est acceptee « sine qua non ». Tous ces arguments sont combinables et vous permettent de convaincre le lecteur grace a votre logique. And Devious Essay? Si vous souhaitez en plus le persuader, il faudra valoriser vos arguments et impliquer le lecteur dans votre texte.

2. Hamlet's? Voici une liste des modes d’implication du lecteur dans votre texte. 1) Vous pouvez prendre le lecteur a temoin par des questions, des imperatifs, l’emploi de la 2 eme personne du singulier etc. 2) Vous pouvez aussi agir sur les forces psychiques qui poussent quelqu’un a agir ou qui determinent des comportements inconscients (c’est un des ressorts de la publicite). 3) Vous pouvez aussi maintenir l’attention de votre lecteur en hierarchisant vos arguments du moins interessant au plus interessant. 4) Vous devez illustrer chaque argument par un exemple precis pris dans l’actualite, la litterature ou autre exemple irrefutable (evitez absolument les exemples tires de votre vie privee qui ne sont que des exemples occasionnels sans aucune valeur generale). 5) Vous pouvez enfin appuyer vos dires par des figures de style marquantes et efficaces : repetitions, accumulations, gradations etc. 1) Dans cette lettre de rappel, comment le destinataire est-il implique ? 2) A quels arguments l’auteur de cette lettre fait-il appel ? 3) Certains arguments irrationnels sont presents. Iago Of Othello? Lesquels ? N’attendez plus pour vous reabonner ! Absorbe par vos multiples occupations, et sollicite par toutes sortes de propositions, vous avez oublie de renouveler votre abonnement. Je vous invite a me renvoyer tres vite votre bulletin de reabonnement afin de profiter, le plus rapidement possible, des avantages de votre abonnement complet. Celui-ci vous assure en effet de recevoir les 11 numeros mensuels du Particulier , les 2 numeros hors serie du guide fiscal, la table des matieres annuelle et les 13 numeros speciaux deja en preparation. Notre equipe redactionnelle est deja a l’?uvre sur les numeros speciaux qui demandent toujours un travail de plusieurs mois.

C’est pourquoi nous pouvons, en avant-premiere, vous reveler quelques themes qui seront developpes : les societes civiles immobilieres ; l’environnement et la pollution ; l’assurance vie ; les arrangements de famille ; libertes individuelles et vie privee ; agir en justice ; votre retraite ; les relations de voisinage. Lisez attentivement cette fable de La FONTAINE et expliquez quel type d’argumentation l’auteur utilise pour convaincre le lecteur : « - Sire, dit le renard, vous etres trop bon roi ; Vos scrupules font voir trop de delicatesse ; Et bien, manger moutons, canaille, sotte espece, Est-ce un peche ? Non, non ! Vous leur fites, Seigneur, En les croquant, beaucoup d’honneur. Et quant au berger, l’on peut dire. Qu’il etait digne de tous maux, Etant de ces gens-la, qui sur les animaux, Se font un chimerique empire. Ainsi dit le renard, et flatteurs d’applaudir. Extrait des Animaux malades de la peste. 1) Le destinataire est implique par l’emploi direct de l’imperatif « N’attendez plus » et par un argument qui le culpabilise en insistant sur ses torts : il est absorbe et trop sollicite . Puis la lettre sous-entend que c’est uniquement pour le destinataire que ce magazine est fait et joue encore sur la culpabilite de celui-ci en pretendant que ce travail est difficile puisqu’il demande plusieurs mois . L’emploi recurrent du pronom personnel vous est significatif de ce desir d’impliquer le destinataire : cette 2 eme personne est utilisee dix fois (pronom personnel, adjectif possessif, tournure verbale) dans une courte lettre.

Le point d’exclamation a la fin de la premiere phrase est aussi une facon de faire reagir le lecteur car ce point sous-entend une certaine critique de la part de l’auteur de la lettre, et cette critique met le lecteur dans une situation d’inferiorite comme s’il avait commis une faute. 2) - La lettre sous-entend que ce defaut d’abonnement ne serait qu’un oubli et non une volonte deliberee du destinataire. - Puis l’auteur du magazine joue sur un ressort psychologique en pretextant que le reabonnement permettra de profiter de certains avantages. - Enfin le texte enumere une liste d’articles qui sont attirants et surtout qui balaient a peu pres tous les centres d’interet du francais moyen. Mood Devices? Cette liste est donc capable de plaire au public le plus varie : famille, argent, assurances, liberte… Ce sont donc des exemples qui ont ici valeur d’arguments ! 3) La longue liste qui enumere tous les numeros que l’auteur recevra est interessante car, en fait, l’auteur de la lettre espere que c’est la longueur meme de cette liste qui servira d’argument, etant donne que ces chiffres en eux-memes ne signifient strictement rien et ne presentent pas d’autre interet que de remplir du « blanc ». Cette lettre est tres interessante d’un point de vue « marketing » car elle propose une gamme de plusieurs modes de manipulation du consommateur ! D’abord un bref rappel sur La FONTAINE qui ecrivit ses fables au XVIIeme siecle, alors que Louis XIV detenait le pouvoir absolu. And Devious Of Othello Essay? Il prit modele sur le penseur grec ESOPE qui avait ecrit lui aussi des fables dans lesquelles il travestissait les defauts des hommes sous des caricatures d’animaux.

Dans cette longue fable, les animaux sont atteints par la peste et pensent que c’est un chatiment de Dieu pour les peches qu’ils ont commis. Of The? Ils decident donc d’avouer tour a tour leurs fautes afin de juger qui est le plus coupable et de le condamner pour expier leurs fautes aux yeux de Dieu, esperant ainsi mettre fin au fleau. And Devious Iago? Le Lion, qui est le symbole du roi, avoue donc avoir mange des moutons et meme parfois le berger et voila le discours du renard, vil flatteur, comme toujours. Author Of Empire Of The Sun? (Tous les animaux avouent ensuite leurs fautes : on The Clever and Devious of Othello Essay ecoute rapidement le Tigre, l’Ours et les autres puissances, mais aucun n'est vraiment reconnu coupable car ils sont proteges par leur pouvoir. 4th Soliloquy? S’avance alors l’ane qui reconnait avoir parfois « tondu un pre qui ne lui appartenait pas de la largeur de sa langue ». The Clever Essay? Aussitot tout le monde l’accable et il est condamne a mort. Hamlet's? Morale de la fable : « Selon que vous serez puissant ou miserable, Les jugements de cour vous rendront blanc ou noir. The Clever And Devious Iago Of Othello? ») Etude des arguments employes par le Renard pour trouver des excuses au Lion : 1) D’abord rappel de la situation de celui qui s’accuse ainsi : ce n’est pas n’importe qui, c’est le roi et, en realite, c’est ici l’argument essentiel de la defense menee par le renard ! 2) De plus, c’est une faute benigne que le Lion a commise car ceux qu’il avoue avoir manges sont de situation sociale si basse que ce n’est pas peche de les manger. Stages? Notons la faiblesse d’un tel argument qui ne s’appuie que sur la conviction de quelques-uns.

3) Quant au berger que le lion a mange, il meritait en fait son sort puisque, dans le monde des animaux, il n’est qu’un vil gardien. And Devious Iago Of Othello Essay? Vous remarquerez l’art de La FONTAINE qui montre volontairement le peu de valeur de ces arguments en escamotant toute discussion par la rapide prise de position de la foule qui ne cherche pas a etre convaincue par des arguments logiques mais qui est deja persuadee que le lion ne peut etre inculpe avant meme le discours du renard ! LECON 5 : LES FORMES DE RAISONNEMENT. On peut etre amene a contredire ou a refuter une these defendue par l’auteur. Five Of Team Development? La refutation exige : de rejeter les arguments de l’adversaire en montrant leur faiblesse logique. de trouver des contre-arguments et des contre-exemples a la these de l’auteur. 1. And Devious Iago Of Othello Essay? Rejeter les arguments de l’auteur. Vous pouvez prouver que l’auteur a tort en demontrant par exemple que son argumentation est fondee sur une reflexion erronee. Ainsi l’auteur peut avoir organise toute son argumentation autour d’une analogie qui n’a pas lieu d’etre faite. 2works Staffing? Une analogie est la mise en relation de deux arguments qui appartiennent a des domaines differents, mais font penser l’un a l’autre parce que leur deroulement ou leur aspect presente des similitudes. The Clever Iago Of Othello Essay? Le raisonnement par analogie est a la recherche d’une conclusion a partir de cette mise en relation.

Si vous pouvez prouver que cette mise en relation n’a pas lieu d’etre faite, vous detruisez alors toute l’argumentation de l’auteur, qui ne repose plus sur aucune base. Dans le raisonnement par analogie, l’auteur utilise une comparaison entre deux arguments. Essay What Are The Reasons? Or, pour qu’une comparaison soit pertinente, il faut necessairement qu’il y ait un point commun entre les deux arguments. Iago? Si ce point commun est absent, l’analogie n’est pas valable. Author Of The Sun? Par exemple, lisez l’analogie suivante : « Le despote exige une obeissance immediate comme une boule de neige jetee contre une autre a un effet mecanique » Pour detruire cette argumentation, il suffit de prouver l’absence de point commun entre une boule de neige et un despote ! Vous pouvez prouver que l’auteur a tort en demontrant l’absurde de son raisonnement. And Devious Iago Of Othello? Certaines reflexions sont fondees sur un syllogisme c’est-a-dire un raisonnement qui consiste a tirer une conclusion a partir de deux propositions que l’on appelle les premisses (ne confondez pas avec l’homonyme premices !).

Voici un exemple de syllogisme logique : Tous les hommes sont mortels (premisse majeure evidemment constatee et irrefutable) Or Socrate est mortel (premisse mineure corroboree par les faits historiques) Donc Socrate est un homme (conclusion acceptee). Les syllogismes, pour etre justes, obeissent a des regles rigoureuses etudiees depuis l’antiquite par des philosophes comme Aristote. Toutefois il existe, en parallele avec les syllogismes, des sophismes qui presentent toutes les qualites apparentes d’un raisonnement rigoureux, mais qui en fait ne sont pas justes. Voici un exemple de sophisme absurde : Tous les chats sont mortels (premisse majeure irrefutable) Or Socrate est mortel (premisse mineure toujours aussi irrefutable) Pour refuter cette theorie, absurde dans la realite, mais mathematiquement vraie, que faire ?? Le raisonnement est sans faille, la majeure et la mineure sont vraies. Literary Devices? A vous, qui etes des mathematiciens de haut niveau, je demande une explication, mais sachez que depuis Socrate, on and Devious Iago of Othello Essay cherche ! 2. Mood Literary Devices? Trouver contre-arguments ou contre-exemples. Dans certains cas, ce n’est pas le raisonnement meme de l’auteur qui peut etre « attaque », mais les exemples grace auxquels il sous-tend sa reflexion. Iago Of Othello Essay? Si vous pouvez detruire les exemples, vous pouvez detruire toute l’argumentation, puisqu’une argumentation n’est valable que si elle est ancree dans des faits ou evenements concrets et reels.

Par exemple, dans une reflexion qui poserait le probleme de la legislation ou non de la drogue, un auteur pourrait prendre comme exemple le fait que la legislation aux Pays-Bas a permis une baisse de l’utilisation de la drogue. Reasons? Mais un lecteur attentif pourrait retorquer que, dans la meme situation de liberalisation des drogues, les chiffres pour l’Espagne prouvent exactement le contraire : depuis cette legalisation, le taux de toxicomanes reconnus en Espagne a augmente. Iago Of Othello? Encore une fois, c’est votre culture generale et votre connaissance du monde actuel qui vous permettent un tel contre-exemple. Expliquez pourquoi le raisonnement suivant est faux : Mais les hommes ne sont pas des chiens. Redigez un texte d’une vingtaine de lignes dans lequel vous contesterez le raisonnement de RICHELIEU. Voici quelques pistes de methodes : refuter les deductions abusives. faire appel aux donnees scientifiques actuelles (nature / culture ; inne / acquis) faire appel a des valeurs superieures. « Tous les politiques sont d’accord que si les peuples etaient trop a leur aise, il serait impossible de les contenir dans les regles de leur devoir. Hamlet's 4th Soliloquy? Leur fondement est, qu’ayant moins de connaissances que les autres ordres de l’etat beaucoup plus cultives et plus instruits, s’ils n’etaient retenus par quelque necessite, ils demeureraient difficilement dans les regles qui leur sont prescrites par la raison et les lois.

La raison ne permet pas de les exempter de toutes charges ; parce qu’en perdant en tel cas la marque de leur sujetion, ils perdraient aussi la memoire de leur condition, et que s’ils etaient libres de tribut, ils penseraient l’etre de l’obeissance. The Clever And Devious? Il les faut comparer aux mulets qui, etant accoutumes a la charge, se gatent par un long repos plus que par le travail. 2works Staffing? Mais, ainsi que ce travail doit etre modere, et qu’il faut que la charge de ces animaux soit proportionnee a leurs forces, il en est de meme des subsides a l’egard des peuples ; s’ils n’etaient moderes, lors meme qu’ils seraient utiles au public, ils ne laisseraient pas d’etre injustes. Ce texte est un sophisme qui presente toutes les apparences de la logique, mais qui aboutit dans sa conclusion a une absurdite evidente pour tous. The Clever Of Othello? La seule facon de prouver l’absurdite de ce raisonnement est de demonter l’apparente analogie entre hommes et chiens ! Il n’y a aucun point commun precis qui permette de faire cette comparaison, qui n’est donc fondee sur rien de reellement prouve. Reasons? De plus, les mathematiciens que vous etes travailleront peut-etre par le systeme des ensembles qui fait que l’on ne peut pas inclure hommes et chiens. Cependant ce raisonnement est deroutant dans la mesure ou il remet en question toute notre foi en la logique et notre esperance dans la reflexion dite « scientifique » qui nous permettrait d’acceder a la verite ! Tout d’abord ce texte se fonde sur un postulat, donc sur un argument qui n’a pas ete prouve : - Tous les politiques sont d’accord. - La raison ne permet pas de . And Devious Iago Of Othello? (mais aucun argument ne prouve cela). RICHELIEU s’adresse a des gens qui sont convaincus que les gens du peuple sont incultes et incapables d’une reflexion logique. Hamlet's? Donc ce texte est ancre dans l’ideologie du XVIIeme siecle (RICHELIEU a vecu de 1585 a 1642). Essay? Son argumentation repose donc sur une donnee socioculturelle particuliere qui peut etre aujourd’hui denoncee.

Nous savons maintenant, surtout apres les travaux de FREUD, que l’etre humain n’est que ce que la societe fait de lui, alors que RICHELIEU semble croire que l’homme est par nature inculte et inapte a la reflexion. 2000s Horror Movies? Nous en profiterons ici pour rappeler les etudes de Simone de BEAUVOIR, la compagne de Jean Paul SARTRE, sur l’importance de l’acquis par rapport a l’inne (« on The Clever Iago Essay ne nait pas femme, on Essay are the Reasons for Nestles le devient » affirme-t-elle dans le Deuxieme Sexe en 1949). Nous pourrions ici detruire cette argumentation en rappelant que « les hommes naissent libres et egaux en droits ». The Clever Iago Of Othello Essay? Mais il faut remarquer que, pour refuter la these de RICHELIEU, nous sommes amenes a trouver les contre-arguments dans le monde moderne. Devices? Avait-il raison a son epoque ? Je laisse aux historiens le soin de repondre.